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Chemac Industries

Chemac Industries was incorporated in 1984 and was purchased in 2020 by Paxton Industries Ltd.  The name is derived from “Chemical Action” and is pronounced “Chem” “Ack”.


Chemac’s Mission is to profitably provide innovative, world class liquid cleaning products and odour eliminators, to distributors serving commercial, industrial, institutional and retail markets. 


Chemac’s Visionis “Technology and Ecology in Harmony”


Our products must perform the task they are designed for, so our 1st consideration is performance. 2nd, the products have to be considered affordable and accessible, and 3rd, they must fit our vision of “Technology and Ecology in Harmony”, that is, be friendly to the user and the environment.


Chemac’s products are eco-friendly, phosphate free and biodegradable. We continually research and employ new technologies in our product development.


Four of our products were developed to satisfy contracts for the BC Government. These include:

1) Odorgon 

2) Windshield Road Film Remover

3) Auto Marine Wash Concentrate 

4) The BC Penitentiary Service D.T.L./L.E.C.


We now manufacture 36 unique, high-performing products, as featured in our catalogue. 


Chemac distributes its own products nationally and internationally. 


Chemac is an authorized distributor for Chrisal products of Belgium. Chrisal products feature probiotic bacteria, included with and separate from, soaps. Chrisal’s probiotic products coat surfaces in good bacteria, which help to reduce and eliminate pathogens from surfaces. The concept has been proven in the medical/health fields and has since branched out to other uses such as agriculture, automotive and janitorial/sanitation.

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