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Industrial Products

Commercial Kitchen Cleaner

Biodegradable&Phosphate free.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate is an unscented concentrated product free of acid, ammonia and phosphates.

It was developed as clients were wanting to quickly and safely clean hard kitchen surfaces such as stainless steel, countertops, doors, tiles, trolleys, and other equipment without the caustic vapors and burning sensations caused by other cleaners.

It can be used on many surfaces including brass, chrome, fiberglass, glass, grouts and most tiles.


IDX 20

Heavy Duty Degreaser


IDX 20 is a high performance, concentrated, water based degreaser that cuts through grease, oil and dirt on most hard surfaces.

Designed to degrease locomotive engines, IDX-20 allows for recycling leachates via water rinsing and use of grease/water separators, IDX-20 has found many other uses. These include, but aren't limited to: Cars, Tractors, Truck and Motorcycle Engines; Parts Washers, thus replacing solvents; Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces; BBQ's, Floors, Shop Tools and Machinery, Fire restoration clean-up; Oil Refinery Equipment. 


Carpet Steam Extraction Cleaner


Carpet Steam Extraction Cleaner Concentrate is suitable for use in portable Jet Extraction and/or truck Mount Machines. It is a Low Foaming liquid formulation, which will dry to a powder, enabling any residue to be vacuumed out.

It is safe for use on a full range of carpet fibers, including: wools, synthetics, stain-resistant carpets, non-stain resistant carpets. 


Glass and Chrome Cleaner


Chemac's Glass Cleaner is a professional strength glass cleaner with Ammonia. This product cleans windows, glass and chrome without streaking or spotting. GC-100 is also excellent for cleaning: countertops, stove tops, cabinets, stainless steal, vinyl upholstery,  plastics, porcelain. 

Easy to use. No dilution required. Simply spray and wipe with lint-free cloth.


 Degreaser Heavy Duty Concentrate - HDD-200


Powerful Degreaser/Emulsifier for use in High Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning applications. Excellent as a parts pre-soak solution and for: engines and motors, industrial shop floors, heavy equipment, hard water scale build-up.

It should be used full strength for extreme build-up of heavy grease, but may be diluted up to 10:1 for normal grease loads. Rinsing with a high-pressure hose is recommended.


Industrial Degreaser with foaming action -IDX 40

Biodegradable&Phosphate Free.

IDX 40 is a high  performance degreaser with foaming action which gives a longer retention contact time and is particularly suitable for vertical surfaces. It cuts through grease, oil, and dirt on most hard surfaces.

Excellent for cleaning Large Heavy Duty Equipment. 

Its many cleaning applications including: construction, forestry, mining, heavy duty machinery, oil and gas production equipment.


Truck Wash Concentrate X-2000

X-2000 is a high profile concentrated cleaner formulated to effectively remove stubborn stains from trucks and commercial vehicles without harming the protective finish. The product rinses clean leaving no residue.

Formulated for use in mechanical or manual washing operations, X-2000 easily removes tough grease, dirt, oil, diesel soot and grime.

X-2000 is non corrosive to paint and rubber, produces copious amounts of suds and can be diluted up to 1:300, depending on method of application.



Biodegradable&Phosphate free.

Citra-Pro Degreaser/Cleaner CP is a fast acting formula with the cleaning power of citrus oil. Citra-Pro is safe for use on all surfaces including metals, plastic, vinyl, tiles and wood. Easily removes grease, dirt, adhesive, inks, etc. 

Just spray and wipe off!

[Automobiles/Engines/Shop Machinery/ Tools/Countertops/Walls/Kitchens/ Bathrooms]


Floor Cleaner Concentrate


Chemac's Floor Cleaner concentrate is a hard surface cleaner that can be used in manual or automated scrub machines.

Moderate fast-breaking foam is produced, safe for machine operations.

It has a light lemon fragrance, or is also offered in an unscented version. 


Concrete&Asphalt Cleaner

Biodegradable&Phosphate Free.

Concrete&Asphalt Cleaner Concentrate cuts through grease and oil to restore a clean appearance to concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Concrete and asphalt cleaner is excellent for the preparation of surfaces prior to painting or resealing and is an economical alternative for daily cleaning of concrete floors in garages, maintenance shops and machine shops. 


Grease Release Degreaser/Cleaner


Crease Release is a non-corrosive degreaser/cleaner that cuts grease and dirt with no rinsing required.

It is designed to clean electronic parts and blinds in ultra-sonic cleaning baths without corroding the parts.

It has a mild citrus scent.


Q&E Industrial Degreaser - IDX 10

Biodegradable&Phosphate Free.

IDX10 is a ready to use, water based, degreaser/cleaner that cuts light grease and dirt quickly and completely. 

Cleaning applications include: automobiles&motorcycles, recreation vehicles, lawn mowers and garden equipment, engines/parts, asphalt and concrete surfaces, fire restoration clean-up.
Should be used full strength for Premium Performance.


Q&E - RTU Custom Wheel Cleaner + Tire Refresh

Biodegradable&Phosphate Free.

Custom Wheel Cleaner is an amazing product. Just spray it on rims and wheels to remove salt, road dirt and brake pad deposits.

Its unique chemistry is designed not to harm painted and metal surfaces.

Should be used full strength for Premium Performance.


Stylac 33 Heavy Duty Industrial Citrus Cleaner

Biodegradable&Phosphate Free.

Stylac 33 is a concentrated cleaner consisting of a balance mixture of high alkaline detergents, a water-softener, a resin-solvent and well selected surface-active and foaming agents.

Stylac has high performance degreasing abilities. 

Stylac is designed for the fast removal of petroleum "gunk" deposits accumulated on equipment used during the processing of petroleum products.


Available in different sizes 
(1L, 4L, 20L and 205L)

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