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Janitorial Products

Tub&Tile Cleaner

Biodegradable and Phosphate free Tub&Tile Cleaner is a concentrated product free of acid, ammonia and phosphates, with a pleasant lemon scent.


Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Biodegradable. Chemac's Floor Cleaning Concentrate is a hard surface cleaner that can be used in manual or automated scrub machines.
Moderate fast-breaking foam is produced, safe for machine operations. It has a light lemon fragrance, or is also offered in an unscented version. 


Dish Soap


Chemac's Dish Soap is a high-sudsing liquid concentrate formulated to quickly cut through grease and baked-on foods. This premium soap is excellent for use on all dishes, pots and pans. 

This is one of the most economical Dish Soap Concentrates available, requiring only 2-3 cupfuls per sink full of dishes. This product is gentle on hands and does not cause irritation to skin.



A.P.C. All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is a highly concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser suitable for the removal of: scuff marks, crayon, grease, oil, ink, fresh paint.

Stubborn stains are removed by spraying full strength A.P.C., then wiping without scrubbing. A.P.C. is safe for use on any washable surface including all metals, vinyl and plastics. 


Oven, Grill&Deep Fryer Cleaner

Biodegradable. It's an extremely effective and economical cleaner for the removal of baked-on grease and animal/vegetable based fats. 

Cleaning application include: ovens, grills, deep fryers.
The product cleans by spontaneous emulsion, retards corrosion and brightens weathered aluminum.


Glass&Chrome Cleaner


Chemac's Glass Cleaner is a professional strength glass cleaner with Ammonia. This product cleans windows, glass and chrome without streaking or spotting. GC-100 is also excellent for cleaning: countertops, stove tops, cabinets, stainless steal, vinyl upholstery,  plastics, porcelain. 

Easy to use. No dilution required. Simply spray and wipe with lint-free cloth.

Different sizes are available
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