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All of our products designed to satisfy a commercial, industrial or institutional client's need for an amazing high performance product which is also affordable, available and friendly to the user and the environment.



  • Contract Packaging - We put your liquid chemistry into your packaging for you

  • Research and Development - All of our products were as a result of a quest and solved with R&D. Need a product?

  • Manufacturing and Packaging - We make products on site, and package them in a timely manner for you.

  • Creating Private Brand Products - We use innovative thinking to create products to your specs.

  • Converting Concepts to Marketable Products - Do you have an idea. Talk to us!

Chemac’s facilities offer the following services:

  • State-of-the-art formulations – by our world class chemists

  • Availability of a wide range of quality chemicals (liquid) – Materials on hand to blend for your needs

  • Availability of a wide range of container sizes -  60ml, 114ml, 237ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L, 20L, 205L

  • Assistance in acquiring regulatory approvals - Our team can help sort out the quagmire of regulations

  • Label compliance with WHMIS regulations if required

  • Availability of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • Competitive pricing


We also distribute products from other companies which are complimentary to our product line. Like Chrisal Probiotics from Belgium.

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