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Odorgon - Odor Eliminator

Country Garden

When used as an air freshener, Odorgon Country Garden is a real hit, especially in environments where fish and fish odors are present. In maritime environments, our customers tell us that this is their product of choice.


An absolute must for sports enthusiests and anyone near them after a workout!
Hockey gear, especially gloves, helmets and gear bags can be made "livable" again.
Other uses include: lockers, body armor, shoes, boots, gloves, skates, clothing, and anywhere else where sweat accululates on!

Clinic and Pet

To provide a nice soft
fragrance in contained
areas like medical and
veterinary environments,
Odorgon Clinic was
designed. Folks report a
high degree of satisfaction using Odorgon Clinic.

As a pets hair can become saturated with malodors, and as many pets are in outdoor environments, Odorgon Pet is formulated with an increased scent concentration.

Summer Breeze

What is more pleasant than a summer breeze? A room Freshened with Odorgon Summer Breeze. The fregrance is soft and gentle.

Auto and Auto Breeze

Automobile interiors can be subjected to a range of smells from tobacco to vomit, to milk spills.

Odorgone Auto & Auto Breeze nicely refresh the interior. Apply directly to the malodor
source, close the
doors and let Odorgon
do its work.

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